Analytics Made Easy!

dotplot provides secured, cloud-based software services for Statistical Computing, Visualization, Big Data and Predictive Analytics.

dotplot designer enables you to rapidly develop, test and execute your data analysis models, using an intuitive user interface and comes with a repository of more than 2000 functions and ready made solutions.

At dotplot, we have developed an analytics software that meets both scientists’ high requirements on functionality as well as business users’ expectations on flexibility and efficiency.

Advanced Analytics for everyone

dotplot will simplify your data analysis process and save you loads of time. Don’t spend any more time or energy on troubling and time consuming Advanced Analytics programming.

Cloud Based

No need for software download or installation

Intuitive Usage

A neat easy-to-use application that makes sense

Full Stack

Includes Analysis, Visualization and Reporting features

Highly flexible

1000 functions for all aspects of the analysis process

Best Practices

A full repository of ready-made solution templates

Less Effort

Fast results without any coding or programming

dotplot designer is a flow-based Advanced Analytics software. With its intuitive user interface data analysis becomes more effective.

dotplot visualizer is an advanced data exploration and visualization feature that allows you to create exciting diagrams.

The reporting module fully integrated into dotplot designer for creating appealing documents and dashboards.

dotplot enterprise server allows you to run any data analysis process from your business application. Also as on-premise installation.

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